Barolo DOCG Ravera

"Bricco Pernice"

Barolo DOCG Ravera “Bricco Pernice”

The Elvio Cogno tradition

Area: 1 hectare
Grape variety: Lampia, sub-variety of Nebbiolo
Density: 5,000 vines per hectare
Cultivation: vertical trellised, Guyot pruning
Altitude: 320 m above sea level
Harvest period: October
Bottles produced: 5,000/6,000
Wine making: in stainless steel, temperature-controlled, automatic pumping-over, post-fermentation maceration for 30 days with submerged cap
Aging: 30 months in large Slavonian oak barrels of 25-30 hl
Lysis: 90 days
Bottle aging: 18 months

Profilo Sensoriale

Ruby to garnet red in color. Intense notes of violet accompanied by a hint of damp soil, ripe red fruit and subtle spiciness. Harmonious and well-structured on the palate with incisive yet fine, soft tannins. Already elegant and alluring when young, its silkiness and, above all, its complexity allow to age as only great wines know how.

Serving suggestion: Red and white meats in long cooking and important condiments, stew, pot roast, game, hard aged cheeses.

Serving temperature: 16-18°C.


Barolo Ravera Bricco Pernice, named after a small hill on which courting partridges build their nests, is the very latest wine from Cogno. The fruit of years and years of hard work, a desire that has come true. A project — a wine from a beautiful vineyard in Novello, in the most historic part of the Ravera cru, where the exceptional microclimate gives superb Barolo — dreamt of by Elvio and achieved by Valter. Barolo Ravera Bricco Pernice is the latest chapter in a story — Elvio Cogno’s — that began in La Morra. An expression of all the technical and stylistic precepts of the maestro himself, it fully deserves its place in the ‘Riserva di Elvio’. A peculiar characteristic of Barolo Ravera Bricco Pernice is its enveloping softness, capable at once of revealing all the allure and potency of Ravera cru. The graphic on the Bricco Pernice label shows the artistic growth of Elvio’s granddaughter Elena, who designed the label as well as the one for Barolo Ravera Riserva “Vigna Elena”, the Barolo dedicated to her when she was born.

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