Barbera d'Alba DOC


Barbera d’Alba DOC “Pre-Phylloxera”

Area: 0.25 hectares
Grape vine: Barbera Vitis Vinifera
Density: 4,500 vines per hectare
Cultivation: vertically trellised and Guyot pruning
Altitude: 520 meters above sea level
Harvest season: Start of October
Wine making: in stainless steel, temperature control, automatic pumpover
Aging: 12 months in large Slavonia oak barrel
Lysis: 60 days
Bottle aging: 6 months

Profilo Sensoriale

A bright, rich ruby color with intense purplish highlights. The aroma is enveloping, aromatic, and deep with noticeable spices on first impact and raspberry, strawberry, and ripe cherry notes. Finishing with pleasant harmonies of wild flowers. On the palate, it is well structured, fresh, and has a supremely-balanced acidity. The tannins are enveloping and the flavors are reminiscent of sour cherries, blackberries, and prunes.

Serving suggestions: This versatile wine is enhanced by starter dishes with meaty sauces and also red or wild meat. It does justice to strong cheeses, savory or aged.

Serving temperature: 18°C


Produced from one of the last archaic vines of the Langhe area, an open air museum of viticulture from a time gone by, the plants are over one hundred years old. The vines are not grafted but propagated through cuttings, thus maintaining, over the decades, the original Barbera characteristics.
The vineyard has an excellent exposure and sandy-chalky terrain, situated in Berri near La Morra, which guaranteed the vines a natural protection from Phylloxera and imparts unique and exclusive characteristics to the vines. The intriguing simplicity of the vines and their typical, traditional charm that derives from the microclimate and favorable altitude make a one-of-a-kind wine.
The low production per hectare guarantees an intensely rare and rich organoleptic concentration. The wine is refined in oak casks that slowly develop the primary aromas. Pleasant and refined, complex even as a young wine but able to withstand bottle aging, it expresses its solid uniqueness even over the years.

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