Vigna Elena

Vigna Elena was the first vineyard planted by the Cogno winery, in the same year my daughter was born. It was named after her. It is a vineyard of rebirth, the symbol of a new beginning.Valter Fissore

Planted in 1991, the year the Elvio Cogno Winery was founded, this vineyard was baptized with the name of Nadia Cogno and Valter Fissore’s daughter, born in the same year.

It was planted with a Nebbiolo clone called Rosé, a grape that gives its wines a brilliant garnet color and intense floral aromas.

Vigna Elena is about one hectare inside the Ravera cru, and its soils are calcareous-clay with southeast exposure planted about 380 m above sea level.

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Wines produced in this estate