A vineyard story: the Ravera cru

A vineyard story: the Ravera cru

The Ravera cru is undoubtedly one of the most renowned cru in the Barolo area, but also considered one of the most important in the world. It is extremely affected by the altitude, climate and soil.

The Elvio Cogno winery has enhanced the value of this cru over its 27 harvests, highlighting its extraordinary features. Today more than ever, the purchase of these vineyards by famous vine growers has confirmed its prestige. The Elvio Cogno winery is proud of its contribution and its recognition of Ravera cru as one of the most important in the Barolo growing area.

Ravera cru is located at 380 meters a.s.l and it is among the most highest in the growing area compared to other Barolo cru like Cannubi, Brunate, Cerequio, Vigna Rionda (just about from 250 mt to 350 mt). At this altitude the small hill is pretty ventilated and the climate is cool, furthermore the vines are exposed to a fairly good amount of direct sunlight intake. Usually the Ravera’s vines bloom slightly later than all the other cru, roughly 10 days afterwards. They will gradually recover at a later time during the growing season.

This cru faces mostly south and because of this it is exposed to most heat. All of the vineyards of Elvio Cogno’s estate face south, southwest and southeast. The wines of Elvio Cogno achieve their distinctive characteristics from this territory located in the township of Novello. This area has always been considered the best of its surrounding territories, and gives Elvio Cogno’s wines their uniqueness that, over time, has become a mark of distinction. All of Elvio Cogno’s nebbiolo vineyards destinated to the production of Barolo are located in the Ravera cru: Barolo Ravera, Barolo Ravera Bricco Pernice and Barolo Ravera Riserva Vigna Elena.

Indeed the soil is really important to define the identity of a wine. The Ravera composition is mostly limestone with small percentages of clay and sand.

The soil is alkaline and as a result the water retention is optimal , for this reason the vines are not subjected to water deficiency. Elvio Cogno’s wines due to this type of soil gain deep and bright colors and complex flavors, also thanks to the interaction between acidity and tannins. Limestone is fit for red grapes and wines suitable for long ageing , it improves the deepness in color as well. In this area the grape berries accumulate a great quantity of polyphenols and anthocyanins like other cru in Monforte e Castiglione, usually they have a higher level of these components.

The climate of Langhe district is continental. This involves a great difference in temperature between the hottest and coldest months and furthermore this area is subjected to relevant daily variations in temperature between day and night. These temperature excursions influence the quality of the grape, by increasing sugar content, reducing water deficiency, improving phenols which increase the aromatic flavours of wine. Especially in Novello village the climate is cool and quite ventilated, thanks to these factors the vines are exposed to much air and in this way the grape can ripen successfully. It is easy to notice the same freshness into the glass, the wines are really elegant, linear, mineral and savory.


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