July 2023 Newsletter – From the cellar

July 2023 Newsletter – From the cellar

During spring months, our vineyards required a lot of energy and many hours of work. Fortunately, cellar needed less attention compared to months after the harvest.

New Barolo vintages

At the beginning of the year, we presented the new vintages of our four Barolos: Barolo Cascina Nuova 2019 and Barolo Ravera 2019 are complex and austere expressions of a traditional vintage. 2019 was characterized by regular climatic conditions and balanced growing season. Abundant spring rains, compensating for the low winter rainfall, favored an accumulation of water in the deep layers of soil. Then, low average temperatures in May, combined with unstable weather, led to a delay of few days of vegetative growth compared to previous years, but in line with more traditional ones. Except for two heat waves in July, summer was characterized by mild temperatures and sporadic rainy events.

At harvest time, Nebbiolo for Barolo had good sugar level and optimal polyphenolic framework. 2019 is considered a classic vintage, which favored the production of Barolos with good structure, tendentially robust but balanced by great finesse and acidity. In particular, Barolo Ravera 2019 is incredibly multifaceted and has the right character for a potentially long aging.

The Barolo Ravera Bricco Pernice 2018, as usual, proves to be the most powerful and solid expression among all those produced with the grapes from Ravera MGA. Dressed in a light garnet color that immediately refers to the grape of origin, it has a variegated and intriguing nose, with hints of underbrush and dark fruit in the foreground. The palate immediately reveals its solidity, softened by bright freshness and savouriness, for a result of absolute balance and great impact.

The Barolo Ravera Riserva Vigna Elena 2017 impresses for its uniqueness and for its infinite aromatic nuances: rose petals, pulpy and ripe fruit, licorice, sweet spices, officinal herbs, incense are just some of the aromas that this wine is capable of offering.

Despite the 2017 season is counted among the warmest and driest in recent years, this Barolo keeps intact all its typical finesse, by showing grace and freshness; it is surrounded by a firm tannin, but composed, and moves with intensity and great energy.

All other appelations

In addition to the Barolo production, we are pleased to present the Barbaresco Bordini 2020, a supreme expression of Bordini MGA in Neive commune, which encloses perfumed bouquet, power, but at the same time incredible freshness and finesse.

Result of an excellent vintage, the Barbaresco Bordini 2020 is of great impact, because of its exuberant and rich aromatic profile, composed of ripe strawberry, cola and sweet spices. It is a vibrant and fresh wine, which does not lack the typical and dense tannic texture that gives thickness to the sip. The correspondence between nose and mouth is excellent and the finish is decidedly long.

Barbera d’Alba Bricco dei Merli and Barbera d’Alba Pre-Phylloxera are both produced with grapes harvested during the 2021 harvest, a vintage that allowed us to produce truly unique wines, with slightly different nuances compared to all those that preceded them. These two Barbera d’Alba are powerful wines, which are united by deep and bright colors and excellent acidity.

Rich and incisive, the Barbera d’Alba Bricco dei Merli 2021 aged for one year in large not toasted Slavonian oak barrels, which are able to respect and enhance the authentic character of this wine. Right from the start, it expresses with vigor fruity notes of ripe cherry and plum, which gradually leave room for a preponderant aroma of violet, alternating with spicy and china hints. Mineral and fresh entry into the mouth, this wine finds the perfect balance between body, acidity and a subtle tannic texture that embellishes the sip.

Deep and sharp, the Barbera d’Alba Pre-phylloxera 2021 is one of a kind thanks to its distinctive organoleptic characteristics. On the nose, elegant notes of cherry and berries are intertwined with pepper, herbs, violet and balsamic scents. The palate is astonishing for its three-dimensionality and energy, given by fine tannins, which perfectly clean the mouth.

And then Langhe Nascetta del Comune di Novello Anas-cëtta, Dolcetto d’Alba Mandorlo, Langhe Nebbiolo Montegrilli e Moscato d’Asti, which come from 2022 vintage, that we like to define exceptional, both for unusual weather conditions, but also because of the excellent and unexpected results that we got.

In 2022, winter was characterized by absolute scarcity of rain and snow, and by mild temperatures during February. Even summer was exceptional, due to earliness, drought and with record-breaking temperatures. Despite these premises, all new wines prove to be endowed with great character, bright freshness, and harmony.
The Langhe Nascetta del Comune di Novello Anas-cëtta 2022 already expresses a remarkable complexity, although it is still in its most youthful phase. The Dolcetto d’Alba Mandorlo 2022 and the Langhe Nebbiolo Montegrilli 2022 are two vibrant and juicy expressions of their respective grape varieties and are characterized by fruity character and drinkability. Last, Moscato d’Asti 2022 brings us back to the most authentic Piedmontese tradition, thanks to the sweet notes of peach that are balanced by elegant hints of citrus and sage.






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