Gardini Notes – Barolo 2018 Report

Gardini Notes – Barolo 2018 Report

Gardini Notes – The Wine Killer has recently published the new 2018 Barolo Report, on which our Barolo Ravera 2018 and Barolo Cascina Nuova 2018 have been reviewed, with a score of 99 and 96+ points respectively.

The famous critic Luca Gardini, the author of the report, described the new vintage as:

A year of great impact right from the start, but at the same time the crunchiness of the raw material, in combination with the very delicate texture of the tannins, make us assume that this is a vintage with great drinkability and remarkable aging potential.

We are truly honored by these excellent results and we take this opportunity to thank the author and to invite you all to read the wine reviews by clicking here.







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